Becoming the Crone

Today was my youngest granddaughter’s 4th birthday. Like most very little girls, her ambition this year is to be a fairy princess. And like most grandparents, we were happy to help her achieve that ambition complete with dress, gloves and rhinestone tiara. And being a dabbler in jewelry making, I created the perfect princess bracelet.

As I was stringing beads for this year’s model, it occurred to me that my own particular fairy princess was an amalgamation of all the strong, creative, rebellious and flawed women who preceded her. Each one’s victories and joys, losses and tragedies has gone to make this little  princess who will equally love my rose quartz bracelet and the “Day of the Dead” play electric guitar another of her iconoclastic grandmothers will give her.

So in honor of all those who went before me and all those who will come after me, I started a new tradition. The mother of the fairy princess and all three grandmothers (hey, it is a blended family!) will wear their own adult styled rose quartz princess bracelets.




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